I have arrived, I am homeWe are a small, friendly sangha (community), practicing mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

During the pandemic, we are practicing with a sister sangha online as the Co-arising Mindful Heart Sangha.

We support each other in our practice. Please join us!

Connection information can be found in our latest announcement.

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GO VOTE After the Election - We are in a time of many stressors - the pandemic and the resulting economic woes, the election, and all the suffering that lives entails anyway. We encourage you to vote. Wear a mask, stand in line, if needed, and breathe. Perhaps you can practice lovingkindness metta meditation for other voters, the politicians and yourself.… ... Continue Reading
Magnolia Grove Shared Practice - From Magnolia Grove: Peaceful greetings to you on a cool Fall day. With great happiness we extend an invitation to you and your Sanghas and friends to join our Monastic friends from Magnolia Grove, Sr. Hoc Nghiem (Sr. True Practice), Sr. Boi Nghiem (True Pearl), and Br. Dao Quy for an evening of shared practice via Zoom. Wednesday, October… ... Continue Reading
Caring for Our Dear Monastics and Practice Centers - An email from the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation: Dear Friends of Breathing Heart Sangha, As you arrive in each moment, we hope you can rest in the knowledge that you are surrounded and embraced by community. The international Plum Village monastics and the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation are with you as friends along the path… ... Continue Reading



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