Guest Speaker Aug 27

Rebecca Bradley
Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley, Master Certified Coach and Consultant will present an experiential program, The Art and Practice of Interfaith Dialogue at our gathering from 3-5 pm on Sunday, August 27. Dialogue is a freely flowing group conversation in which participants attempt to reach a common understanding, experiencing everyone’s point of view fully, equally and nonjudgmentally. The purpose of dialogue is to create shared meaning among the participants (David Bohm). We will talk about the role of Dialogue in Interfaith communities and how dialogue can help people understand divergent perspectives and improve harmony.

Rebecca will introduce the principles of dialogue and we will practice one of the essential elements, “deep hearing,” with each other. In addition, time permitting, she will help us understand the role of asking powerful non-judgmental questions to create shared meaning and enable all participants in a conversation to feel heard and understood. We will learn how to ask questions based in true curiosity and a desire to learn, without judgement, to understand what others think and believe.


Rebecca’s passion is bringing better communication skills to the Executives she coaches as well as their teams. Rebecca has worked with domestic and international clients including, WellStar Health Systems, Children’s Hospital System, The Coca Cola Company, Xerox, Chrysler Corporation, Bose Corporation, Federated Department Stores, US Tobacco Company, Deloitte and Touche, and Standard and Poor’s. In addition she has done extensive work in the public sector with the Veterans Health Administration in the US and in Singapore with The Economic Development Board, The Civil Service College, The Infocomm Development Authority, The Singapore Police, and the Singapore School System.
Rebecca is a resident of Serenbe, an intentional community southwest of Atlanta in the rolling Chattahoochee Hill Country. She is an active participant and presenter in the Interfaith Fellowship there.