Happy Continuation

From “The Heart of Understanding” by Thích Nhất Hạnh:

“What is the date on which you were born, your birth date? Before that date, did you already exist? Were you already there before you were born? Let me help you. To be born means from nothing you become something. My question is, before you were born, were you already there?”

“So, your so-called birthday is really your Continuation Day.”

This teaching asks us to look at how we consider ourselves as individuals. We exist in a cosmos of interbeing.

Tomorrow, I will continue to be. But you will have to be very attentive to see me. I will be a flower, or a leaf. I will be in these forms and I will say hello to you. If you are attentive enough, you will recognize me, and you may greet me. I will be very happy.