One Buddha is not enough….

One Buddha is not enough!In order to save our planet Earth, we must have a collective awakening. Individual awakening is not enough. That is why one Buddha is not enough.

 – Thich Nhat Hanh

Excerpt from One Buddha Is Not Enough:

… through evolution, we have also developed a higher capacity of self-awareness, and of recognizing everything for its suchness—as it is. The Buddha is referred to as “the one who comes from suchness.” If someone is a Buddha, then it means that this person is able to see and perceive others and the world as they are—not in terms of the past or as a category. The child of this moment is not the child whom we saw yesterday or in the last moment. If we have immediate perceptions and conclusions, then we don’t see or touch the child. Similarly, when we’ve been in a relationship for a while, that person is just a person, and there’s nothing more to it than that. We have enough stored information about the person. We look, but we don’t see each other anymore, because our brain has shut down and shut him out. This can insidiously result in a sense of separateness, of isolation, of schism. This is something we have in each one of us, and I see that it’s an obstacle to our happiness and joy. Habitual energy causes us to see our beloved as a category, but mindfulness enables us to see that person anew. Mindfulness enables us to touch life in all of its wonders and intricate connections.