Retreat Schedule

The full schedule will be available soon.

As this retreat is designed for practitioners of all levels of experience, we understand if some people want to skip some scheduled activities. We do encourage full participation, especially in those activities that help to build community.

We will meet starting before dinner on Friday, December 9. After dinner, we will gather for an orientation, small-group dharma-sharing discussions and evening meditation.

On Saturday morning, we will have an early-morning meditation. Throughout the day, we will have dharma talks, a deep relaxation session, walking and sitting meditation, more dharma-sharing group time, and free time.

Sunday morning is typically when we have a ceremony for the transmission of the Five Mindfulness Trainings for those who choose to express their intention to practice mindfulness in this way.

While we will observe some periods of noble silence, especially overnight and at the beginning of meals, there will also be time during the weekend to speak with our dharma teachers and others in the sangha.

The retreat will end after lunch on Sunday.